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Olav Ehala musical “Buratino”

Based on the story by Aleksei Tolstoi and Adolf Šapiro

Libretto: Tanel Saar 

Music: Olav Ehala 

Director: Tanel Saar 

Artist: Eda Kommitz 

Choreography: Märt Agu 

Musical Director: Kelli Uustani 

Conductor: Edmar Tuul

On stage: 13 singing and acting young people from the Viimsi Music School Youth Studio and Young musicians from the Viimsi Music School, Margo Mitt, Märten Männiste, Stefan Hein

Adding a special dimension to the production, the author of the music, Olav Ehala, himself will play the role of Papa Carlo.

Created in cooperation between Viimsi Music School, Viimsi Art School, Music School, Viimsi Artium and Makeup School, “Buratino” is literally a production by young people for young people. It should appeal to both children and adults. The aim of the production is to create extensive collaboration between different schools and disciplines, bringing young people together to create under the guidance of professionals.

The play “Buratino” has been performed in Estonia in various versions time and again, because the entire material and themes seem relevant at all times: the fight between good and evil, money worship and fool’s land, metaphors for the field of miracles or the frog pond, the idea that to find your happiness you first need to find a golden key. With video design, lighting and expressive costumes, a true fantasy world is brought to the stage, which is so characteristic of this story.

The production is suitable for families and children from 3 years of age.

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