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The Cultural and Educational Centre Viimsi Artium

Who we are

Viimsi ARTIUM is an international hub for the arts

The Cultural and Educational Centre Viimsi Artium with its multifaceted arts venue is a contemporary interdisciplinary hub for the arts, which brings together performing and visual arts with music, film, and science. We focus on both Estonian and international quality program and aim at building up international collaborations and exchange as well as participate in international projects and networks. 

Viimsi Artium was launched in August 2022.

Community centre

Artium functions as a community centre both for adults and children alike, which caters for different target groups such as young people, families with children, senior citizens etc. and as such aims at revitalizing local cultural and social life and strengthening ties between different generations and interest groups.

Conference and educational centre 

Viimsi Artium organizes local and international conferences, seminars, and dialogues in Estonia and operates long-standing projects, arranges educational and cultural events and collaborates with local  and international institutions on various levels.

Home for three hobby schools and a Recreation Centre 

Since Viimsi Artium houses Recreation Centre and three hobby schools - the Viimsi Music School, Viimsi Art School and Science School, it also prioritizes the intersection of education and arts, providing opportunities for comprehensive personality development through being engaged in arts and science and exposed to a quality cultural program. 

Where we are

Viimsi Parish (EstonianViimsi vald) is a rural municipality in Northern Estonia, located North-East and neighbouring the capital Tallinn. It occupies an area of 72.84 km2 with a population of 20 580 (as of 2019). The municipality contains the Viimsi Peninsula and several islands, including NaissaarPrangli, and Äksi. The population inhabits 20 villages and two larger boroughs. With several nature reserves, Viimsi has diverse landscapes of natural beauty and is also rich in cultural heritage. Viimsi is good for hiking, discovering beauty spots and spending time in the nature. Just a 15-minute drive from downtown Tallinn to the Viimsi Artium venue will take you to the completely different relaxed environment of the Viimsi peninsula.

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