Centre for a New Culture Viimsi ARTIUM to be launched in August 2022

Opening festival 19th August - 1st October  

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The Cultural and Educational Centre Viimsi Artium is a contemporary interdisciplinary hub for the arts, which brings together performing and visual arts with music, film and science. While Viimsi Artium will be a centre of attraction to international and local artists and companies, it will also cater for the interest of the community and will revitalize local cultural and social life. Since Viimsi Artium houses three hobby schools such as the Viimsi Music School, Viimsi Art School and Science Centre, it also prioritizes the intersection of education and arts, providing opportunities for comprehensive personality development through arts and science.

Grand hall

A multifunctional a 457-seat hall surrounded by a circular balcony allows to present a variety of performing arts productions as well as productions of musical theatre, live music concerts and conferences. The size of the hall is 461 m2. The 13 m wide and 11.35 m deep stage consists of 3 modules, which can be raised to different heights. The stage can be modified to include a 1.60 m deep orchestra pit for live music. The height of the stage is 11.45 meters while the audience floor can be adjusted from a slope for stage presentation to a flat floor for other events.


The 190-seat multifunctional blackbox allows different configurations of the space. The hall is equipped with flexible seating risers. The floor size of the hall is 161.6 m2, the height of the blackbox is 7.48 meters. The technical ceiling has 5 lightning bridges and a technical gallery on one side (height under the lightning bridge 5.1 m.). The blackbox is suitable for presenting both contemporary dance and theatre performances as well as live concerts and other events.

Chamber hall

The 160-seat chamber hall is primarily designed for presenting concerts. The floor size of the hall is 142.1 m2. The height of the chamber hall is 7m. The size of the stage is 30 m2. The hall has a technical gallery and a large window overlooking nature landscape.

Other rooms

• Cafe-restaurant • Large lobby area • Art Gallery • Contemporary Art Gallery in a former military fuel tank Nº1 • Sound and video studio • Rehearsal hall • Open air stage in a former military fuel tank Nº2 • In the Cultural and Educational Centre Viimsi Artium are also houses of the Viimsi Music School, Viimsi Art School and Science Centre