• Sun 04/09/22 19:00

Andres Mustonen and Ivo Sillamaa, concert „Mystical Bach“

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750), one of the pillars of the Western musical culture, composed music according to his professional and personal needs, but always Deo Soli Gloria – to the Glory of God Alone, as he put initials DSG at the end of his manuscripts. When we scrutinize his compositions, we can find there all kind of mystical combinations of numbers and letters which, like an invisible framework, keep his opuses together. The golden cut is one of the best known of these, but there are other, countless hidden schemes and ways to interpret them. This is why Bach’s works are so attractive to interpreters and so captivating to listeners. Who wouldn’t wish to discover secrets, find doors leading to mystical depths and hights, or simply let themselves cover by a richly patterned cloth of sounds and experience, in mind and soul, some moments – or hours – of something that only music, and especially the music by Bach, can offer us.

In the program: sonatas, partitas, fugues from 1720 – 1722.

Andres Mustonen, violin
Ivo Sillamaa, piano / organ

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