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  • 17/02/23 - 31/03/23

Angeelia and Mick Pedaja’s exhibition “Sacred Flight” (Pühalend)

Angeelia and Mick Pedaja’s exhibition “Sacred Filght”, at the Viimsi Artium Contemporary Art Gallery celebrates the beauty of pristine natural scenery. The exhibition that includes paintings by Angeelia and mostly bird`s eye view photos by Mick, exudes Nordic simplicity, purity, and calm.

“In my photos, there are often birds and the trees, where birds can both seek refuge and food, and build their nests. While the photos of my previous exhibition “Ice World” were from winter, the photos of “Sacred Flight” cover fifferent seasons,” says musician and photographer Mick Pedaja.

Mick’s photographs and Angeelia’s paintings began to take shape at the time they moved to the seaside town Pärnu. Inspired by the tranquility of the surrounding nature, they reached for the camera and brush, respectively.

“I like variety in my work, that is why I often experiment with different approaches to capture what I wish to paint – I paint on canvases of different shapes or on wooden tiles, use fabric, or different natural substances in my works,” says musician and artist Angeelia Pedaja.

“Sacred Flight” at the Contemporary Art Gallery of Viimsi Artium will remain open until March 3.

Photos by Mick Pedaja:
Paintings by Angeelia Pedaja:

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