• Fri 28/10/22 19:15

Asami Yasumoto “Cover your mouth” (Japan)

“Cover your mouth” is a contemporary circus show, where a symbiosis of circus, contemporary dance and contemporary music can be seen. The show illustrates the suppressed emotion and physical situation in the era of pandemic and its aftermath through a powerful visual image.

Our life has suddenly changed by the Covid-19. Masks, sanitizers, plastic barriers and 2 meters. Suddenly there is a gap between us. We are daunted when someone is coughing, move an inch when someone reaches us. New moral standard and comfort zone. How do we overcome the resignation that we will never be the same as before.

Cover your mouth won the Jury prize of SAI DANCE 2021 (Japan).

“Powerful visual imagery of the work managed to deliver a message of struggle and coping with new physical and emotional reality. […] I enjoyed the work, the performer and especially the surprising and powerful ending.” Mikko Lampinen (Pory Dance Company Director)

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