• Sun 03/12/23 17:00

Beati Mandolini Christmas time immersed in light

Timeless Christmas carols from Italy and Sicily

Winter songs composed by Tõnu Raadik

After nearly 10 years of activity, the seven-member mandolin ensemble Beati Mandolini
has found loyal following all over Estonia. It is worth mentioning that the band is equally
well received both in Estonia and Italy. Beati Mandolin’s concert is bursting with
positivity and its music never leaves the audience cold. In addition to the well-known
Christmas songs from Italy and Sicily, the concert will feature winter songs composed by
the charismatic band member Tõnu Raadik.

Anto Õnnis (tenor)
Ants Õnnis (mandolin, harmonica)
Tõnu Raadik (violin, mandolin)
Joosep Sang (mandolin)
Are Jaama (guitar, mandolin)
Teet Veskus (guitar, harmonica)
Endel Valkenklau (mandobass)

Only cash for tickets to be bought before the beginning of the concert.
Organizer: Viljandi Early Music Festival NGO.
Mobile +372 5665 9257

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