• Mon 14/11/22 19:00


Guest performance by the Rakvere Theatre: Aaron Loeb “Ideation”

A ferocious and hilarious thriller.

Ninety minutes from now, a group of stressed-out corporate consultants is slated to present their work on a mysterious project. It’s time to brainstorm within the morally ambiguous parameters they’ve been given, so they can make it to their kids’ soccer games and continue their ill-advised affairs. But as they work, the question of what they aren’t being told looms ever larger, becoming harder to ignore. If something truly monstrous is going on, it wouldn’t be happening over Starbucks scones . . . would it?

Since this is a classified project, no digital trace will be left after the brainstorming sessions. The solutions or proposals to the discussed issues will be stored in your memory alone.

Play by Aaron Loeb “Ideation”
Translated by Erkki Sivonen
Directed by Taago Tubin (Theatre Ugala)
Kunstnik Kristjan Suits (Tallinn City Theatre)
Sound design and music by Taago Tubin
Lighting design by Märt Sell

On stage: Grete Jürgenson, Imre Õunapuu, Peeter Rästas, Elar Vahter ja Märten Matsu

Premier on 14th October 2022 at Rakvere Theatre (Small Hall).

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