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International Animation Day @ Viimsi Artium: Short animations by Priit and Olga Pärn’s students (FREE ADMISSION)

On the occasion of International Animation Day, Estonian internationally acclaimed animated film directors Priit and Olga Pärn will present their students’ short animations they created while studying at the Animation Master’s Program at the Estonian Academy of Arts over the years from 2008-2021. All-in-all 15 “animated gems” will be screened in the blackbox hall of Viimsi Artium.

Kristjan Holm, who is behind Little House (2008), the first animated film on the master’s program supervised by Olga and Priit will be present at the event. Little House was also the first film from the EKA animation department to receive an award at an international festival. To date, more than 140 films supervised by Olga and Priit Pärn have received international animation awards from numerous festivals.

Animated Film 130
October 28, 2022, marks the 130th anniversary of the world’s first public animation screening on 28 October Charles-Émile Reynaud gave the first show of the Optical Theatre at the Musée Grévin in Paris. International Animation Day has been celebrated around the world under the auspices of the International Animation Society ASIFA on 28 October since 2002.

Film program 2X2:
Little House
Created by Kristjan Holm
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2008
Duration 6:15

Picnic on the Grass
Created by Erik Alunurm / Mihkel Reha / Mari-Liis Rebane / Mari Pakkas
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2011
Duration 4:30

Sweet Sweat
Created by Jung Hyun Kim
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2018
Duration 6:13

Board Game
Created by Nicolas Petelsky
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2017
Duration 3:53

Washing Machine
Created by Alexandra Májová
Czech Republic, 2020
Duration 5:02

Guard of Honour
Created by Edmunds Jansons
Aatom Art, Latvia, 2021
Duration 5:30

Created by Nata Metlukh
USA/Ukraine, 2021
Duration 5:00

Created by Michael Frei
Playables, SRG SSR ja ARTE,
Switzerland, 2019
Duration 9:00

Created by Jass Kaselaan
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2018
Duration 07:27

Created by Teresa Baroet Lebre
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2019
Duration 5:02

Run for the Bird Song
Created by Ingrid Pucci
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2020
Duration 3:48

A Room with a Sea View
Created by Leonid Shmelkov
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2020
Duration 11:55

Sounds good
Created by Sander Joon
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2018
Duration 9:50

Created by Maria Rakitina
Estonian Academy of Arts,
Duration 5:01

Created by Kristjan Holm
Duration 10:1

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