• Sat 29/10/22 12:00

Duration: 1h 30min


Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Japanese calligraphy shodō is known as the art of writing beautifully. The letters painted with brush using ink on the rice paper do not only convey a meaning but also have an aesthetic aspect that has its appeal beyond Japanese speakers. During the workshop, the participants will learn the main principles of Japanese calligraphy, practice their techniques and will write their name in Japanese.

The workshop is taught by Misa Torii who is originally from Tōkyō. Misa is in Tallinn for a year to work here. She has learned calligraphy for 6 years (at Seiga Calligraphy Association) and has a calligraphy instructor certification. Misa invites everyone to come and enjoy Japanese calligraphy together!

The price includes all materials and participants are welcome to bring their works home

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