• Fri 26/08/22 22:00

Kristjan Järvi and Mick Pedaja “Nordic Prayer”

“Dare to imagine. Trust the unknown. Keep it simple – always be yourself” Kristjan Järvi
“Follow your soul, it knows the way”. Mick Pedaja

Music director and conductor of the concert: Kristjan Järvi
Mick Pedaja (song, guitar)
Angeelia Pedaja (song)
Kristjan Järvi Ensemble

In the concert hall of Viimsi ARTIUM, Kristjan Järvi and Mick Pedaja will join their creative powers and take the audience on a musical journey under the direction of music director and conductor Kristjan Järvi. The concert programme will include creations by Kristjan Järvi from his 2020 album Nordic Escapes and Mick Pedaja’s album Pray, released this spring.

Nordic Escapes is like a psychedelic experience, a colourful vivid dream, a transluscent star-studded curtain unfolds in front of your eyes and you feel you can move in all dimensions without restraint… experience a myriad shades of emotions… from personal and intimate to jubilant and ecstatic. You will drift in a sea of emotions like a seal taking to water. „Nordic Escapes sounds like 50 shades of rain“, says Kristjan Järvi.

Mick Pedaja’s album Pray brings together the musician’s work over the past three years. Pray is a co-creation, so he wishes to pay tribute to everyone who has contributed to the album and helped make this hard but beautiful journey happen. “You can listen to drum batches from Uku Kübar and Aivar Surva, to my wife Angeelia`s angelic voice and to the string quar-tet Prezioso.”


Kristjan Järvi is an internationally acclaimed conductor, producer, composer, and arranger who sets out to transcend genres and redefine the boundaries of musical expression merg-ing modern and post-modern with more traditional approach. A member of the legendary Järvi conductors dynasty, Kristjan has been conducting some of the most prestigious sym-phony orchestras in the world. Born in Estonia, he emigrated to the United States as a child and grew up in New York City, where his international career as a conductor took off. While working internationally, Kristjan Järvi has recently relocated his centre of life from the USA back to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.

Kristjan Järvi is known for his quest for creativity, ingenuity and pursuit of pioneering ideas with the aim to create a unique musical language.

As a member of the creative team of Tom Tykwer, the German film director, producer, screenwriter, and composer, Kristjan Järvi has created music for several feature films and TV series such as the thriller films Run Lola Run (1998) and Perfume: The Story of a Murder-er (2006), the science fiction film Cloud Atlas (2012), the Netflix series Sense8 (2015–2018), and the internationally acclaimed German television series Babylon Berlin (2017).

After having collaborated several years with artist like Max Richter, MUM, Bryce Dessen, Hauschka and Robot Koch, Kristjan Järvi created his own production company Sunbeam Pro-ductions, starting to perform film music concerts such as Babylon Berlin or Waterworks. In January 2020, he conducted an indie rock-band Bastille charity concert at the Elbphilhar-monie in Hamburg and a unique sound with his orchestras and band (Absolute Ensemble, Baltic Sea Philharmonic, Nordic Pulse Ensemble). The musicians of his bands mostly perform by heart: this way the musicians can truly feel the emotions they are willing to convey.

Nordic Escapes album:
Nebula Remix:


Pedaja’s musical journey has taken him from his school basement punk band to the large stages. He told how he “got a kick out of live music” from early age and was drawn to learn-ing guitar and singing while growing up in the small rural town of Rapla, about one hour’s drive from Tallinn. Like most Estonian kids Pedaja sang in the school choir but also took ad-ditional singing lessons.

From the loud and noisy beginnings, his music has become more and more quiet. By the time he started to compose himself, he had developed a taste for a mix of ambient, acoustic folk and mellow electronic.

Mick Pedaja is performing and making music in many different ways. He’s blessed with irre-placeable band (Aivar Surva, Indrek Mällo, Uku Kübar) and his wife Angeelia.

Meanwhile also the dream to compose film music has come true. Mick Pedaja composed the award-winning soundtrack for Martti Helde’s Scandinavian Silence (2019) and has gone on to create music for several films and TV series since then. Mick Pedaja has already been in col-laboration with director Ergo Kuld in projects and movies like “Reetur”(Traitor) (2019), “Talve” (What the Heart Says) (2020), “Tulejoonel” (On the Front Line) (2020) ,“Soo” (the Bog) (2020) and “Valguses & Varjus” (In Light & Shadow) (2020).

As a musician, Mick Pedaja is also really into the photography and videography.

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