• Sun 21/08/22 21:00

OOPUS rave

Viimsi Artium invites you to get you up and dancing at a rave by the Estonian folktronica band OOPUS featuring “Runic Prayer’i” remix´i live.

OOPUS is folk and acid
OOPUS is an audiovisual folktronica group based in Tallinn, Estonia. Its four members mix Estonian traditional music with analog synths and make their live momenttriggered visuals pulsate as one with music.

The band members love traditional and electronic dance music. They combine Estonian bagpipe and runo songs with classic acid synths Roland,TR-06,TR-09 and TB-03 that will take you from techno to acid, from 120bpm to 150 bpm and beyond.

OOPUS is Mari Meentalo (Estonian bagpipes, jew´s harp, vocals and loopers), Johannes Ahun (analog synthesizers, live sound engineer), Aleksander Sproghis (lights, visuals, installations) and Raho Aadla (dance).

Listen here:

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