Duration: 3 hours with one intermission

Admission: 18:00

Age:  16+

*Wheelchair tickets can be purchased from


Paul-Eerik Rummo “The Cinderella Game” (MUDI theatre)

Paul-Eerik Rummo “The Cinderella Game”- existential drama

9 years after marrying Cinderella, the Prince begins to suspect that he lives in the Palace with the wrong woman. He decides to go back to the home, where Cinderella with her two half-sisters used to live – the place where she had found her true love with the crystal shoe his beloved had been wearing at the ball. Had he chosen the right bride after all or had he made a mistake? Who knows? Who is the one who knows? There is also the Lady of the House to be questioned, who might know the answer…. The prince is determined not to return without finding out the whole truth.

Directors: Karl Laumets, René Reinumägi
Cast: Pääru Oja, Ester Kuntu, Elmo Nüganen, Piret Krumm, Jaanika Arum, Mirtel Pohla, Epp Eespäev (Tallinn City Theatre), Artur Lääts (HALL)

Stage design: Pille Kose
Costumes: Britta Laumets-Merila
Photography: Herkki-Erich Merila

Premiere: 1. May, 2023 in the Great Hall of Viimsi Artium
Production: Theatre Association MUDI, founders René Reinumägi and Karl Laumets (2023)

The main sponsor of the production is Viimsi Lihatööstus

The media partner of the production is Eesti Päevaleht

Paul-Eerik Rummo is a classic of modern Estonian poetry, who gave content and targeted poetic innovation in the 1960s, and the reverse side of this later (“Luulet 1960-1967” (Poems 1960-1967), “Saatja aadress” (The Sender’s Addres, 1972/1989)). He has also written plays and books for children and has translated poetry mostly from English.

The drama “Tuhkatriinumäng” (The Cinderella Game, 1969) premiered at the Estonian National Theatre Vanemuine (directed by Evald Hermaküla) and became one of the groundbreaking productions of theatrical innovation in Estonia. It was also staged at La Mama in New York. Rummo had problems with censorship during the Soviet period and consequently, his poems and plays were banned on several occasions.

After Estonian re-independence Rummo went into politics. He has been a member of Estonian congress and parliament, as well as the Minister of Culture. His poems have been translated into many languages.

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