• Tue 25/10/22 19:00

Si Won, Choi “The Tunnel” & “The Flow” (South-Korea)

South Korean choreographer Si Won, Choi (Nulhui Dance Company) brings to audiences two unconventional shows: The Tunnel and The Flow.

The Tunnel is at the same time the reflection of the choreographer’s personal life and expresses the image of the neoteric modernized world. On the stage, the path of life is presented as a tunnel and incarnated as an image of hope through decussation of light and darkness.

The Flow is an expression of the traditional Korean emotions “Han“ (sorrow) and “Heung“ (pleasure) through movement. It expresses the emotions that flow naturally from the mind through improvisational movements. Through this, ‘attitude’ and ‘sophistication’ inherent to the image of Korean Female will be expressed.

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