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  • Thur 20/04/23 19:00

Piano Virtuoso Hande Dalkılıç (Turkey) – My Left Hand

Piano virtuoso Hande Dalkılıç is an internationally renowned pianist from Turkey. In her new concert program “My Left Hand”, Dalkılıç embarks on an unpaved path, having put together a program consisting only of works composed for the left hand. The concerts in Estonia are part of Dalkılıç `s international tour that takes her besides Estonia to the USA, Italy, and Turkey.

The piano repertoire, written for the left hand, requires utmost virtuosity from the performer. The concert program is a left-hand “marathon for the left hand”, where you will hear works by Alexander Scriabin, Carl Reinecke, Moritz Moszkowski.

Alexander Scriabin (1872–1915) Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op.9
Carl Reinecke (1824–1910) Sonatas for the left Hand, Op. cit. 179
Moritz Moszkowski 1854–1925)12 Etudes for the Left Hand, Op.92
Çetin Işıközlü (1939) Three Turkish folk songs from the album “Yukarı Fırat Ezgileri” (2013),
“Şu Fırat Suyu Akar Serindir” (“Euphrate’s Waters run cool”, folk song from Elazığ)
“Sarı Gelin” (“Fair Bride”, folk song from Erzurum),
“Pınar Başı Bulenir” (“Water gets muddy from the mountain”, folk song from Erzurum)

Hande Dalkılıç is a piano virtuoso whose mission to promote Turkish piano music both in her homeland and all over the world. Dalkılıç has recorded seven CDs for the record labels BMP and KALA, including premieres and piano compositions dedicated to her by composers such as Ahmet Adnan Saygun, Ulvi Cemal Erkin, Cemal Reşit Rey, Muammer Sun and Çetin Işıközlü. Her latest album, “My Favourite Romantics” (KALAN), was released in 2020 and presents compositions by Chopin, Liszt, and Louis Moreau Gottschalk. Dalkılıç has played as a soloist in front of both Turkish and international symphony orchestras. She he has given solo concerts and performed as a chamber musician in many European countries such as Canada, Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Israel, Pakistan, South Africa, and the USA. Dalkılıç has also previously performed in Estonia, most recently with cellist Andreas Lend at the Tallinn Chamber Music Festival in August 2015.

Professor Hande Dalkılıç, who is a professor at the Hacettepe University in Ankara, was born in Ankara, Turkey. She studied at the Department of Music and Performing Arts at Bilkent University, earning her Ph.D. under Prof. Ersin Onay. She has also been mentored by prominent pianists György Sandor, Sebastian Benda, and George Sava. Dalkılıç represents Turkey in the European Association of Piano Teachers. She continues to pursue her career as a soloist both at home and abroad, and often appears on radio and tv shows.

The concert is organized in cooperation with the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

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