• Sat 23/09/23 11:00

The workshop is free with pre- registration.

Tales of the Northern Dragon

 Have you ever wondered who lies underneath the ground or lurks around in the forests of Viimsi? Do you want to be the one to discover who it is and help create new stories and myths? One of these creatures is the mysterious and elusive PÕHJA KONN whose den could very well be near the Karulaugu hiking track only a few hundred meters away from the peaceful and secure Viimsi Center. Where else could this primordial creature hide in its retreat? The hiking track, surrounded by fallen trees, picturesque tree roots and mysterious muddy patches behind tree stumps, would be a perfect place for KONN to enjoy its eternal sleep.

The creative workshop will mix writing and photography, so the participants can let their creativity flow and introduce their friends and neighbours to the mystical creatures of Viimsi with illustrated stories.

The workshops will be led by Markús Már Efraím, an award-winning author and teacher from Iceland: Markús believes that writing helps children to find their voice and express themselves freely and empower them to speak up in society.

Place: workshop sessions take place at Viimsi ARTIUM (Randvere tee 20)

Time Schedule:

Saturday, 23 September – 11.00 -18.00

Morning session at the Contemporary Art Gallery 

Lunch Break- Café KORK in the main venue of ARTIUM

Afternoon session at room 228 of Viimsi Science School 

Sunday, 24 September – 11.00-14.00

Aatrium of the Viimsi Art School, 3rd floor.

Group size: 12 

Age of participants: 10-16

Language: English, but stories can be written down in Estonian

The workshop is free with pre- registration. 

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