1.05.2024 on Viimsi Artium ja kaasaegse kunsti galerii suletud!


  • Wed 13/03/24 19:00
  • Thur 01/01/70 00:00


Balcony – 30€


Rows 11-17 – 35€

Rows 4-10 – 50€

Rows 1-3 – 65€ 

(The ticket comes with a special edition cocktail from Punch Club.)

Row 2 seats 8-13 – Supporter ticket 100€

Duration 2 h with a break


Contemporary Ballet “Devil and God”

Once upon a time there lived two boys, Devil and God: Devil was ugly, skinny and hairy but good-natured, God on the other hand was red-headed, bad-tempered, spoilt and wicked. What happened to them over the course of time?

“Devil and God” is a contemporary ballet with original music in two acts, loosely based on a short story by Mare Kandre, the Swedish writer with Estonian roots. The allegorical story of Evil versus Good begins with the childhood of the two boys. The unanimously, but unfairly despised Devil adores and admires mankind who worships God in turn. Devil`s unrecruited love of God, whose spite and malice trigger Devil`s bitter disappointment and revenge against humanity, ultimately leads to the creation of Hell. After Heaven has collapsed and Earth has been made barren by the avarice and thoughtlessness of people, mankind has no other way than to follow Devil to Hell. A long train of human beings led by Devil and his wife will proceed to Hell with the hapless God coming last…

Composers Timo Steiner and Sander Mölder, 

Directed by Teet Kask, 

Producer Tiiu Tamm, 

Design animation by Juho Lähdesmäki, 

Lighting design by Margus Vaigur.

On stage: Cätlin Mägi bagpipe ensemble, Laura Põldvere, dancers Kyoshiro Oshima, Maria Solei Järvet and Yevgeny Grib.

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