• Thur 22/09/22 19:00

Nordic Baltic Jazz Meeting @ Viimsi Artium

Ingrid Rabi Group is a fresh line-up on the landscape of Estonian jazz music. Their first short album “Circle of Love” was released in February 2022. Ensemble performs songs written and composed by the vocalist Ingrid.

With her first studio album “Olemine” Ingrid did not know her own place music directly in any genre, now you can safely to say that the sound language of the new program is typical of jazz music – there is something pleasant swing, exciting harmony sequences, delicious ballads and for Ingrid inherent unexpected time signatures.

The concert program draws together the theme of the songs – love. “This is a subject that can be written about endlessly and I consider love definitely one of the biggest driving forces and inspiration in my life
source,” said Ingrid.

Ingrid graduated from the Eller School of Music and the Technical University of Viljandi Academy of Culture in the specialty of rhythm music singing and started last year master’s studies in jazz singing at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in autumn. His big dream was to create and arrange music out of the ordinary to a larger composition and last year at the Latvian Academy of Music
by supplementing, this dream became a reality.

Together with Ingrid, Mathei Florea on the piano, Marcus Tuu make music on guitar, Robert Nõmmann on double bass, Ramuel Tafenau on drums, Allan Järve on trumpet, Tobias Tammearu on tenor saxophone and Artur Kiik on the trombone. “Each musician paints a sound picture with his own tones and with colors, and the resulting synergy conveys the stories wonderfully thoughts and emotions,” meant Ingrid, for whom everything the concert visits closest to the heart have been those where you can experience
new thoughts, unexpected feelings and just to forget yourself in the music.

“I try to pass all this on to my listeners with the music I create to give,” added Ingrid.


Ingrid Rabi – vocal
Mathei Florea – piano
Marcus Tuul – guitar
Marti Tärn – double bass
Ramuel Tafenau – drums
Allan Järve – trumpet
Tobias Tammearu – tenorsaxophone
Artur Kiik – trombone

Tapani Rinne (b. 1962) is a Finnish musician, composer and record producer, who is known for his experimental and innovative style with the clarinet and saxophone.

An avid student of clarinets and saxophones since the age of eight, this man of integrity rightfully belongs in the “Hall of Fame” of the most respected Nordic instrumentalists. As a solo artist, the reedsman/composer has made his mark through close collaborations with fellow Finnish iconoclasts Edward Vesala, Raoul Björkenheim, Kimmo Pohjonen, Wimme Saari, and Iro Haarla.

As a leader of the pioneering techno-jazz group RinneRadio whose mix of meditative jazz motifs and electronica has been welcomed with open arms all over the globe — the man has released twelve albums since 1988 and operated with vanguardists such as DJ Spooky and Mika Vainio.

His experimental and innovative style with the clarinet and saxophone can be heard on three of his ambient-based solo albums and on the “duo albums” with Jimi Tenor (’Suburban Sax’, 1991) and percussionist Teho Majamäki (’Inside the Temple’, 2011).

Deniss Paškevich trio (Latvia) In 2009 three experienced Latvian musicians decided to experiment and Deniss Paškevich Trio was born. This project is a concept where three personalities have found each other in rarely heard homogeneity of three minds converged in one. Trio compositions have a spontaneity that opens doors for improvisation and expresses intensely personal feelings through a unique mix of swing, funk, old school jazz, world and rock rhythms. Stylistically, this project is not based on commercial influences and this is an avant-garde music. Musicians call it a radical invitation to the world of modern jazz that joins jazz and contemporary music. Trio creates acoustic and electronic modular soundscapes that both find their roots in tradition and freedom – two cornerstones that hold together everything the band creates. Their performance is a deep emotional conversation between gifted musicians that takes us to the fascinating world of subtle and fresh sounds. The audience is invited to dive into the deep colours, full sound and spirited journey to revelation. Because the album “The Book of Revelation” Deniss Paškevich Trio are included in the “European Jazz Tree” as a unique heritage and historically influential project from Latvia. In August, 2022 new album of Deniss Paškevich is coming out titled “Code Of Ethics”

Deniss Paškevich is a multi-award winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound designer and a prominent figure in Baltics jazz with his name included in the European Jazz Tree. With his strong, unique voice Deniss Paškevich combines more than 25 years experience in improvisation music and avant-garde, modern classical and electronic music modular synthesis. In his career Deniss Paškevich recorded more than 50 albums. His albums were nominated many times and three times received The Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards for the best jazz album of the year. One of the latest albums “Variations” has a 4* review on one of the most prestigious jazz music magazines “Downbeat” and got included in their “2019: The Year’s Top-Rated Albums”. His latest album “sonic geometry: structures, patterns and forms” by his solo project TEN KA has a 4* review on the one of the most popular jazz websites “All About Jazz”.

Deniss Paškevich / sax, flute, modular synths, electronics
Edvins Ozols / bass
Artis Orubs / drums

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