• Mon 13/05/24 19:00

Yellowjackets (USA)

Russell Ferrante: Piano & Synthesizers

Bob Mintzer: Woodwinds & EWI
Will Kennedy: Drums
Dane Alderson: Bass
Yellowjackets website:

On May 13 at 7 p.m., the legendary US jazz fusion band Yellowjackets, who have recorded 25 albums, received 17 Grammy® nominations and won 2 Grammys, performed on countless sold-out tours, will give their European tour opening concert at Viimsi Artium.

Over the years the band has undergone numerous lineup changes. Never failing to rise to the inevitable challenges of adjustment, the Yellowjackets – Russell Ferrante, William Kennedy, Bob Mintzer – have maintained an extraordinarily high quality of musicianship that is the rival of many but a surprise to no one who knows and appreciates the band and their music. The most recent addition to the band adds Australian bass player Dane Alderson in to the mix. With his exceptional rhythmic sensibility and natural disposition toward groove, Dane brings a new energy to the band and adds a youthful approach to the music.


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